Valerie V

Jazz vocalist, booking agent, and music promoter

Vocals. Booking. Promotion

As a vocalist, Valerie is sensitive, sensual, warm and engaging. As a booking agent, she is able to work closely with the musician, creating a relationship, promoting their music and bringing success to both employer(venue) and musician. As a promoter, Valerie brings music to the Sacramento area and beyond and bridges harmonious communication..from musician to venue, to the public..all the while using her wonderful unique style in every facet of her business.

With an extensive library of musicians, focusing on Jazz genre, but extending to blues, classical, and rock, Valerie can help you plan your perfect event, party or book music in a club and/or restaurant venue. “Live music brings warmth and personality, creating a venue that comes alive with energy, for any occasion”.

Hire Valerie V as your jazz vocalist, or have her arrange the right group for your musical needs.

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New CD From Valerie V

Recorded live from Midtown Vanguard Jazz with Chet Chwalik. It has a very homey feel, just like they are playing in your living room. $20.

Valerie V’s Schedule

A (singing) Message

by Valerie V | Lean On Me

Due to the shelter at home orders because of the coronavirus, all shows have been postponed.  When Valerie V is back out performing, we will update this schedule.  Thank you and be safe.  To see Valerie V performing, scroll down below and watch some of her YouTube videos.

Valerie V Performing

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